Jute Yarn

We offers CB,CRM,CRX and CRM quality jute yarns from 8 Lbs to 32 Lbs with single to multiple ply for its customers. Our jute yarns are 100% top cut jute long fibers and 100% Tossa with natural color. The key characteristics of our business is- we have never compromise with the quality of our products. We understand our customers’ needs and wants. Thus we always try to follow the global standardization strategy where as our main focus is to maintain the best quality of the products with the competitive market price. In the same time we also ensure standard quality control.

Count – 8lbs to 28 lbs

Ply-single to 5 ply

Winding -Both Precision & Mackroll

Presentation – on spools ranging from about 100 grams, up to Jumbo spools of about 25 Kgs, in hanks, or cops

Packing – can be shipped in trusses (Jute bags),  or in carton boxes

Applications – used in the carpet, shoe and in the explosive (fuses for dynamites) industries and for gardening / binding purpose.


Quality Control:

Oil content: Maximum 2%

Moisture regain: 12 to 15%

Color: Natural

Packing: 8 to 10 kg per spool of size 10x10x1 per conial spool wrapped by polyethaline,6 spools per truss.


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